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Colonizing Saturn is proven to be easier than Jupiter. The mass of Saturn is 95 times that of Earth, although the possibility for floating colonies powered by hydrogen exists.

WANDERERS ringshine 03.jpg

Any human visit to Saturn would have to be suspended in balloons or dirigibles, like seen here. The atmospheric pressure at the upper layers of clouds ranges between 0,5 and 2 times the pressure at sea level on Earth, so in theory you could stay suspended under the open sky there without the need of pressurized a space suit. You would, however, need to bring along oxygen to breathe and it would be very cold - temperatures at this altitude range between -170 and -110 C.


Colonies would probably remain floating by balloons (just like with the Colonization of Venus) or with engines, constantly propelling the platform upwards to off-set gravity pulling it down towards the hostile core. The latter could prove difficult, with the constant production and/or import of fuel necessary.