The inner planets and moons are potential for space colonization. They can get solar power easily due to distance from the sun. Mercury, Venus, and Mars can be terraformed. The moons are Luna, Phobos, and Deimos. These moons have water ice. The outer solar system have a huge abundance of extraterrestrial liquid water oceans, water ice and other organic compounds but however, they would have difficulties communicating with eachother and cant get much warmth/ solar power. The inner solar system does have its own disadvantages. Water ice exists in the inner solar system, but it is not as abundant. The inner solar system also gets the most intense solar radiation. The Earth is not fully colonized. Humans can colonize the Earth's oceans but putting underwater biosphere cities. However, fully urbanizing the Earth can cause high crime rates, extinct plants and animals, and low resources, so ocean colonization comes before space colonization.
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