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Science fiction is something that most of us love, but in most cases, we just see it as fun, entertainment, but others look to science fiction for gadgets, innovations and even create these to complement science fiction, and even with a one-day bias to bring those wonders of fiction to our world. And the step for this is to understand the study and knowledge of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, maths). Science fiction is closer to us than we think, although for the most part it has high financial costs.

ut, the first step for young people to understand and participate in science fiction, as already informed, is the study of basic sciences. Including mathematics, physics, chemistry, biological, biochemistry, astronomy, industries, computing, arts and design. Based on this principle, mechanical engineer Edilson Gomes de Lima, thinking about future apparatus for science fiction, making use of nanotechnology and instrumentation, sought a design for an interface between men and atoms. And in this search, he found an interesting design, as shown in image 1. Nanotechnology comprises the scope of work between 1-100nm, it is within these measures that nanotechnology occurs or can be worked. Remember in physics classes when we saw the spectrum of visible light, ultraviolet, infrared light, that rainbow-like light that we see on CDs? Based on this spectrum in a search for a possible interface, Edilson Gomes de Lima developed this apparatus, which could be used in science fiction works, academic studies, scientific fiction comics and other uses.

Earth Speaks.jpg
Scientifc Fiction more clore than ever

Science fiction is becoming more present in our world every day, just as we are raising the level of this entire industry. The space exploration industries are about to leave behind some theories that were considered just fiction. Try to imagine a practical use for the image presented in a comic or apparatus to be used by a superhero or some spaceship or other application. If you know how to draw, make a drawing in which you use this apparatus with nanotechnology, and science fiction. Collaborating with science fiction is one of the most fun and engaging ways that our minds can study science in a natural and even fun way.

The most important part about science fiction are machines, gadgets, logic, science and innovations. There is no way we can talk about science fiction without thinking carefully about details, engineering, science in general and with special attention to the possible innovations that can be created from a simple design that can illustrate a drawing, comic or even be part of a complex machine.

Image 1 - The nanoscience interface

Engineering is a field always open to inventiveness, and the raw material to make what has been abstractly visualized are the STEAM fields.

Every year more publications are being released about science fiction and ways to spread innovations, design, apparatus, engineering, even with the use of interesting illustrations that implement science with drawings. Science fiction and philosophy newspapers, as well as websites, blogs and various internet channels. The good thing about this is that science fiction is more likely to be able to move from theory to practice, as more people get involved in this topic.

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