All explorers ever launched & their duration

When we prepare to colonize local space,and during the actual colonization,we should also build Exploration Sattelites.

Each sattelite should be equipped with 3 remote-controlled mini Space Vehicles; the MiniRover, MiniBuzzer and MiniDolphin. But also with a strong telescope and computer,communication hardware,sensors,videocameras, photocameras and a gps/galileo tracker.

The sattelites should be send towards different Solar Systems; Alpha Centauri and Andromeda in the Milkyway Region (Local Group) for instance,but also to further Solar Systems,like Gliese 581. If I'm not mistaking there might be even 3 planets in the Goldilocks Zone

It is important that the MiniBuzzer is able to disembark from the sattelite, closely examine moons,planets or asteroids,and then re-attach itself to the sattelite, while being en-route towards the destination. The sattelites should also non-stop videotape and make pictures every couple seconds,and add data to the Space Map. There must be not only HD cameras on the sattelites,but also infrared,x-ray,radar etc.

These sattelites,and the super-computers on Space Colonies and Earth,as well as their 'local communication sattelites' should form a chain-link that hopefully can provide us with superfast communications.

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