Space Colonization Wiki

There are multiple -creative- ways to get funding. Read The Costs first!

For regular people (ranging from poor to extremely rich),there are the next possibilities to get them to donate our projects;

  • Book of Donators. Your name will be in it when you at least donated € 100,-
  • Memoration Plaquette. Your name will be on a plate,somewhere on the wall in one of the colonies,when you donated at least € 10.000,-
  • Small statue. You will get a small statue in one of the colonies,at least if you donate at least € 250.000,-
  • Free space-vacation. You can go to the Luna Motel one week for free if you've donated at least € 500.000,-
  • Free space-vacation. You can go to the Mars Resort one week for free when donating at least € 1.000.000,-

For companies;

We could ask Philips to fund us. In return we could use its electronics and medical equipment on our colonies.

We could ask Google for funding. In return they can add our colonies to Google 'Earth' and Streetview. They could also build a data-center on our colonies.

We could ask big telecom and internet providers,like T-Mobile and Vodafone,to fund us. In return they could also build data-centers, and provide their services to our colonists.

Asking an international supermarket to fund us,in return to open the first space-supermarket in one of our colonies.

We could ask Apple for fundings. In return to open a data-center and us using Apple products.

We could ask national governments for fundings,on behalf of evolution and prosperity for all of mankind