Laser/maser launches is a form of better launches that uses laser sail/starwisp technology for launches. Starwisp is a technology for using masers (microvawe equivalent of laser) to drive a spacecraft just like in the solar/laser sail principle, but with microwaves and a net instead of sail because microwaves have longer wavelengths and waves can be stopped by anything with smaller holes than the wavelength. Interstellar concepts consider that maser starwisps could generate up to 10g acceleration, so manned missions would keep lower acceleration for the sake of the astronauts rather than technological limitations. This certainly means it can generate enough thrust for launches, because astronauts do not die from g-force during normal launches and it is of course possible to adjust the thrust any given amount below max. The wisp structure will, provided good structure of the net, give very little air resistance. There is also laser launch concepts, and they consider trunctated cone shapes to get rid of the air resistance. It is also possible to use hybrid launches, with aeroplanes or especially the fuel-thrifty air baloons to get to altitudes with little air resistance, and then activate the laser/maser. Either way, the laser/maser is on the ground, so the energy expenditure cuts the cost of most fuel being to launch other fuel as well as electricity being cheaper than rocket fuel. Without all that explosive fuel, launches are safer, and that safety also improves craft reusability with less service. And environmental problems dramatically decrease.

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