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Earth's nations have promised not to place military forces or claim territories in "outer space". The International Space Station is however not completely men in black safe because it depends on supplies from Earth. Self-sufficient space colonies would however not even have to fight for their independence! And even if Earth nations started ignoring their promise, space is vast, so attempted oppression is futile. There is no reason to fear abuse of these facts, since the nonmalthusian life in the vastness of space and the fact that worlds where intelligence evolves are not very attractive to colonists would eliminate so-called "human evil" in the space colonists. The lack of men in black in space may spare Humanity from a new Dark Age. There is parallels between this and human evolution. Ape and monkey "societies" are ruled by a ape/monkey, and other apes/monkeys eventually form a coalition against it. By contrast, humans before overpopulation lived as equals who avoided conflict. There is archaeological evidence of many new humanlike behaviors in prehumans during the time they started spreading across the world, so probably the transition from ape/monkey organization to early human organization was because in our ancestors, the (at first ape/monkey-like) coalitions got the possibility to get away from the oppression without physically confronting the leader, precisely because they were adaptable and innovative enough to spread into new parts of the world. Prehumans who left Africa left "vacant lots" behind in the African heartland of human evolution, so our direct ancestors could make the same transition by moving from one part of Africa to another. This opens up optimistic prospects of future human evolution, if space colonization gets going!

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