Space Colonization Wiki

This is a collaborative plan that will be the central point from which all aspects of space colonization will be linked. Nonprofit private funds or one-issue party may be necessary to afford at least the three first stages (stage 4 and 5 works outside all conventional economical theories).

1. Invent technology for much cheaper launches, such as space elevators, magnetohydrodynamics or weakly manipulated spacetimes check the latter for the most probable possibility).

2. Explore different places in the Solar System. Use BTC travel such as ion engines, manipulated spacetimes, solar sails or nuclear (possibly fusion) rockets.

3. Invent technology for making space colonies self-sufficient. Or rather improve, since the Biosphere II experiment almost succeeded and NASA already have invented cultivation without soil.

4. Researchers on self-sufficient space colonies can invent the microbe protection technology described in Extraterrestrial life without being stopped by medical company-lobbyed laws.

5.With the cosmic supply of energy and other resources at hand, invent FTL travel such as warp drive or wormholes for interstellar travel as described in the supraconductor idea in manipulated spacetimes. Then also make the technology easily available to anyone.

Or do anyone have a better idea?

I does. Let's write a book! --XSuperGamerTalk 00:07, March 5, 2011 (UTC)