Colonizing space is really important. If it weren't for colonizing space, the human race would not survive. Numerous challenges will be faced. Humans will face overpopulation in the not too distant future which would cause lack of resources, starvation, poverty, and thirst. Diseases will go havoc, pollution will destroy the environment, and world war 3 can become a nuclear war and numerous people will have health issues. Another reason is if an asteroid hits the Earth, the human civilization will collapse entirely. If we become a multi planet species, then none of this will happen. Although, some say that we shouldn't colonize space. Other worlds may have native alien life forms and us humans colonizing worlds we are not native to is too repetitive. We have colonized all of the continents on Earth except Antarctica. We are not native to the Americas, Europa, Australia, nor Asia. We are native to Africa. Africa is the birthplace of the human race. In the near future, humans will have focus beyond the Earth.

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