Space Colonization Wiki

possible Greenhouse Garden

A Residential Center is the living area for colonists. At the beginning it should be with large sleepingrooms and double-beds,a mess hall,sanitation blocks and recreation area.

After some time,when the colonie begins to evolve,the Residential Centers are replaced with houses and appartmentbuidings.

A single Residential Center has room for 50 people. All Basic Modules must be easy to build on the scene. To make sure morale keeps high,we must make sure there is an internet-connection,there is a good recreational area (watch movies,play console-games,gym-possibilities) and the presence of pets,like cats and dogs. There are scientifical researches that say that pets reduce stress and produce 'happy feelings' with people.

Each Residential Center must have acces to a Greenhouse Garden,to help reduce stress and to give possibilities to walk and relax in the space-park. Each Residential Center also needs Emergency Evacuation Infrastructure,containing an underground bunker,that has evacuation ships stored which can easily go above ground and flee the scene via a special exit,several km further than the actual colonie.