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Robot Colonies on Mars

if we send robots this could be built FAR quicker instead of humans building it

Okay friends this is an idea I have, these Human colonies require many things such as, oxygen, proper heating-cooling, morale, suits, radiation protection, and so on, so what if we got robots to contructs colonies to make robots who build robots to do certain jobs, this way we can send humans later and they wont have to do everything by scratch, robots could even be put to use while humans are there, why send a ride-rover when you can just send a robot that has navigation system in place and detectores to look for water and other minerals needed to build on the colony, perhaps on ares like Mars with the thin atmosphere hot air ballons piloted by robots could even transport people to other parts of the planet if needed, heck it could even be used to start a mining station on one side of the planet rich with metals but low on water, and move the metal to the place where water is (which you want to be closer in case of a failure in the robots system) then all us humans would have to do is just sit in the colonies and be mechanics, doctors, scientists, and engineers, this way the settlement will grow larger faster 

Logical thoughts about this[]

please on the talk page of this discuss why this is a bad idea based on your logic/fact and dont blabber about it going terminator and killing us because we can already disprove that

Technical problems[]

so tell me if there is any technicallities to where it is harder to do this instead of just sending humans to mars? because it would be much appreciated