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This article discusses different types of Space Colonies.

Dutch version Ruimte Koloniën

  • Space Station

This will be a transfer-station (refuel,freight-transfer). The first Stations (Luna Station 1 & 2) should be on the Moon. One on the near side and one on the far side. All Stations should have their own SuperComputer, SuperTelescope, Mass Driver and a Space Port (airport). Usually we should build a Settlement near a Space Station.

  • Space Settlement

A Space Settlement is a small colonie,that will remain small. Because moons and small planets might never be able to support a real Colonie, which in my opinion should house millions -if not billions- of people in the future. (When mankind knows we have Space Colonies,I personally expect a worldwide baby-boom,that might even last for years since we will make progress almost everyday from the moment we really colonize space)

  • Space Colonie

This has everything a Station and a Settlement has,only it will house a lot more people. A Space Colonie will really grow out to be a 'new home'. In Colonies there should be Terraforming