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The Open Source Space Colonization project where anyone can contribute to human colonization of local space before a disaster strikes us.

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"Ad astra per aspera"

What's going on?

Fossil and nuclear fuels are running out, and they cause pollution problems in any case. Climate change (anthropogenic or otherwise) is already causing the human race serious problems. Further, there are a multitude of actual or possible extinction events just queuing up to exterminate the human race.

And we still have all our eggs in this one little basket called planet Earth.

We need more baskets.

The only way we can get the human race established in local space before all our cheap energy has run out is if many more people than are currently employed by the space agencies of the world, people from many different backgrounds, can come together to work on space colonization projects in concert; maximizing the use of our Earthbound energy resources while we still have them.

Once we have established (or at least begun to seriously establish) the human race in local space, we will have unrestricted access to solar power that can be transmitted back to Earth (see: When building space solar power satellites), and which will last for the safe remainder of the Sun's lifetime. Further, with extraterrestrial colonies in local space, if something bad happens to one of our baskets, there will still be a human civilization that can continue to evolve elsewhere. In addition, as a fully space faring race we will be able to protect ourselves from rogue asteroids and comets that otherwise might impact our civilization.

The idea of open source space colonization is to provide a central online forum that is continually advertised through many different media where people can contribute their services and work-time to space colonization subjects that interest them, and further, to be an organisational tool that will allow people to meet in the real world to begin constructing the machines that we will need if the colonization of space is to succeed while we are at what may be the only stage of evolution where we have that capability. More...

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