Space Colonization Wiki

The Space Colonization Wiki is an online resource that is bringing the human race's desperate need to become permanently established and self-sufficient in space to the forefront of human consciousness. Everyone, regardless of their working background or particular skill set, must get involved with helping the human race to colonize space now, before we run out of Fossil fuels and no longer have that ability (see also: Peak oil).

Other websites are already doing an excellent job of covering the technical and academic aspects of space colonization using well-sourced documents from the scientific community. This wiki is a website for everyone else, academic or otherwise, to get involved in raising awareness of the precariousness of human existence while we are stuck to just the one planet, and to submit ideas for how we can tackle the problem. Ideas submitted to this website do not have to be scientifically sourced, can include original research, and can be about any subject that is related to human colonization of space.

Example subjects could include (but are far from limited to):

  • Plans for how we could speed up the process of colonization of local space (i.e. space stations in orbit, on the Moon and Mars)
  • Ideas for new technologies that the scientific community may not have thought of yet
  • Similarly, ideas that cannot be submitted through normal scientific channels because, for example, the author may not be a recognized member of the scientific community
  • Collaboration on how to raise awareness of the serious issues currently facing the human race, and why it really will be possible for us to do something about them if we all work together towards the same goal of establishing colonies in space. Such collaborations might be:
    • Internet "human existence" awareness campaigns
    • Themed professional music (come on all you pop stars, spread the word) and distributed computer games that are designed to cloud-source solutions to the problems that we will encounter, because we might as well have some fun while we're trying to save ourselves
    • Movies or documentaries that raise awareness and show normal people how they can help
  • Articles for teaching resources that show how we can encourage the next generation to learn the science necessary to complete what we are starting

The fact is that whatever your background: movie producer, student, pop star, housewife/husband, NASA scientist or bar tender, everyone has something to bring to the space colonization project, and this website is where you can do it.