There will be lots of different kinds of space vehicles,some examples;

  • Rover / MiniRover / MegaRover

The Rover is basically a 'space-humvee/jeep'. The regular sized Rovers should have place for 2-4 people. The MiniRover should be a part of the Exploration Sattelites,and is remote-controlled. The MegaRover is basically a sort of 'space-bus'. Used to bring people on the Space Stations,Settlements or Colonies from the Residential Centers to the Work Centers,or for large-groups exploration.

  • Buzzer / MiniBuzzer / MegaBuzzer

The Buzzer is a 'space-heli/jet',with place for 4-8 people,and a small compartment for some goods. The MiniBuzzer is also part of the Exploration Sattelites,and is remote-controlled. The MegaBuzzer is a larger one with room for some 25+ people.

  • Dolphin / MiniDolphin

The Dolphin is a 'space-submarine',with room for some 10 people. There is also a MiniDolphin,remote controlled and part of Exploration Sattelites. They can withstand great deapths in water-oceans,but should also be able to dive into seas and oceans of liquid methane and other liquids.

  • Transporter / MegaTransporter / MiniTransporter

The Transporter is a 'space-freighter'. The regular Transporter is used to deliver goods over relatively short distances (like Earth-Moon or Mars and its Moons). The MegaTransporter is for large distances,like Earth-Mars and interstellular. The MiniTransporter can retrieve resources from planets,moons and asteroids.

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