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link titleJust face it: today the space colonization wiki workforce is far too small to really get something done. All readers of this page should spread knowledge about the existence of the space colonization wiki and its goals as much as they can, in media outside the space colonization wiki. The problem is, after all, that most people interested in space colonization do not even know that the space colonization wiki exists! One possibility is to ask Stephen Hawking to mention the space colonization wiki publicly! See also translated space colonization wiki.

To make sure more people know of the excistence of this Wiki,we should introduce ourself on internet-forums. In a later stage,we should also get social media accounts to reach even more people.==See also==

Fighting back against novel concept denial

I already did that, and am still waiting for a reply. I think we should make a list of people to write to and just do it, but before that happens, I would like you to read this page (if you haven't already) completely in order to understand exactly where the wiki is meant to be going. I have been away from the wiki for some time now, but I will be moving much of the content from that talk page to the front page shortly. Keith 16:55, February 9, 2011 (UTC)