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To really have succes -or even be taken seriously- we should have a worked out plan on how,and in which timeframe a possible Luna Station is build and manned. Best option is to start 2 Luna Stations at once,one on the Near side and the other on the Far side of the Moon. We should also think about The Costs and Fundings to give a clear story and be taken seriously.

Now we have to decide how many people INITIALLY mann each station, and how many people EVENTUALLY mann each station. Will we just send a handful of people every couple of years,like Mars One,or do we send out much more people initially?

What facilities should each station have? It does need production/construction facilities. But what else do they need? AgriTowers to grow food and let livestock/cattle grase. The people need a place to sleep,eat,shower,relax and work. Besides that,should each station have its own supercomputer hand supertelescope? Will we also go underground on the moon,or will we keep the stations only on the surface?

How will each colonie get energy? How do the people get oxygen? How will we create artificial gravity and pressure inside the stations? How will we get the people from Earth to the Moon,and possibly get them back in case of emergency (or evacuate them to other Moons or Mars?)

To be more independend on other initiatives to expand our colonies,we should have our own sattelites and probes, and favourably our own launching-possibilities (at least for bringing goods to space). How many satellites and probes do we need,what should they be able to do,and what is the estimate cost? These questions,and even others,have to be answered to really set it off and be taken seriously. Dutch043 (talk) 01:34, January 14, 2014 (UTC)