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Software implementation[]

About the "Concretely" section.

Any comments? Any potential volunteers? I have no serious programming experience, its going to take me for ever to get a prototype out on my own.Quantum immortal 17:55, March 10, 2011 (UTC)

Better to check some really interesting ideas instead, such as manipulated spacetimes, photon-protected superposition and better launches.
These things are too premature to consider in practical applications.--Quantum immortal 14:31, March 30, 2011 (UTC)

Hmmmm......... StarCraft you say?[]

I have some experience with the StarCraft II level editor. Maybe I can help you out. But exams will be here very soon so maybe we should wait until after the exam? But you can go ahead and tell me what to put in it. I guess. XSuperGamerTalk 16:21, April 2, 2011 (UTC)

  • Editor? Start with maps, good idea. We'll use stratagus, its 2D, it will be easier to do the units afterwards. Glest is 3D, we forget that for now.
  • Download boswars. It uses stratagus, and its free (stratagus can also use warcraft 1/2 and starcraft data ), its the only totally free game that uses sratagus. If you have a look at the folders, you can simply edit the images to what ever you want. Theres a map editor build in, you can use that. For adding tiles, you create a new patch, just need to type in the path to a png image (in my version, you can't copy paste text, and it crashes if you try to feed it it something else then png). We "steal" there music for now.
  • As you can see the art part is simple, i will also need to heavily rewrite the scripts (.lua files) to totally transform the game.
  • For the maps, they are some still elements that are actually units. Just copy and rename a tree, and edit the files appropriately, simple enough. Your new "unit" will appear automatically in the map editor after a restart.
  • Of course we can wait until after the exams :) . I ... give you permission :D .
  • I propose 3 variants: Moon, ocean floor, Antarctica. I haven't written anything on those last too yet. They will be specificities on those three, for example, in Antarctica buildings and ships could be using "pykrete"(14% sawdust + ice = almost as strong as concrete per weight).
  • What name are we going to give it?(you can do this now i suppose) some more or less standard terms ROV=Remotely Operated Vehicle (underwater), UAV (unmanned aerial), UGV (ground). So some proposals :ROC (RO colonization)? pre-colonization? Unmanned pre-colony? I'm proposing "pre-colonization". I'll start a project on source force, when i'll have a name.
  • I'll start pages for the project.--Quantum immortal 18:12, April 3, 2011 (UTC)