== Mass Driver Angled ==

Maybe by angling the mass driver so that it fires the hydrogen bottles at a small angle up, and away from Jupiter, they could be moved slightly above the ecliptic, away from the middle of the solar system's plane, thus avoiding accidents with the asteroid belt and Earth, on their journey to Venus. As the bottles travel much closer in towards the Sun, inside the orbit of Venus and Mercury, the strong gravitational pull of the Sun would drag them back down towards the ecliptic plane again. When the bottles reach the point where they're nearly above the sun's pole they could then maybe be slingshot around the back of the Sun, using its strong gravitational pull, back into the middle of the ecliptic plane  and from there delicately positioned, using directed gas jets released from the bottles, to collide safely into Venus. If they did miss Venus the bottles would have left the middle ecliptic plane before having travelled back out to Earth's orbital distance and so would not, in theory,  collide with Earth.

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