Space Colonization Wiki

I am a psychologist in the United Kingdom who is seriously concerned about the lack of knowledge from the world's population in our need to colonize space while we still have a relatively large amount of energy available. For those of us who do understand our desperate need to get the human race permanently established and self-sufficient in space, I can find no forum on the internet or in the real world where they can come together and start working in large numbers towards that goal. It is my intention to create a central online forum dedicated to the survival of the human race through the colonization of local space that everyone, regardless of their background, can join; and where anyone can contribute to space colonization projects that are relevant to them. In real world terms, this is defined as "Open Sourcing" (i.e. receiving contributions from any people or organizations who wish to contribute) the entire field of space colonization, and it is intended to engage a far larger workforce than is currently employed by the space agencies of the world in projects related to that goal.

The idea is simple, that there are a multitude of things just lining up to exterminate the human race (read: asteroid impact, the super volcano under Yellowstone National Park in the United States, the spread of diseases, global warming/cooling, and running out of fossil fuels which will lead to mass starvation and a lack of ability to engage in space exploration at all); basically all the worst things you have seen on the documentary channels. There is only one way to evade all these problems at the same time and guarantee a better chance for humans to evolve in the future, and that is to colonize space. Colonizing space will also give the human race unrestricted access to solar power that can be transmitted back to Earth, which would remove our dependence on polluting fossil and nuclear fuels, and also help us to recover much more quickly from many types of global disaster (see Space Solar Power).

People like myself recognize the need to protect at least some part of the human race so that all these millions of years of human evolution do not go to waste, and we want to contribute to that goal in a useful way. Other people who do not know how they can help will be able to come to the online forums dedicated to the Open Source Space Colonization project and learn how they can contribute.

These are lofty goals I know, but the whole human race must organize itself into this way of thinking and working or at some point, all these years of evolution could be set back a long way or worse, be destroyed.