We, us, the human race, is absolutely capable of solving all problems that plague us. For the trillions of dollars and thousands of lives wasted on wars, the money and people could have been used to rebuild infrastructure, improve the education system, fight disease and poverty, and lastly, explore the solar system and beyond.

We are absolutely capable of achieving these great feats, but we falter and fight each other. We have the technology to send probes to other stars and establish ourselves as an interstellar species, we have the funds and technology to battle climate change, but apathy prevails.

Our ultimate demise will be our greed, hubris, and apathy for our current condition. If humanity falls, we would be the absolute disappointment to the universe and our potential would be lost. Divided we fail, Together we succeed, United we prevail. Written by: Mustafa Abdalov

I hope this creative piece was enjoyable to read. I am open to constructive critique. Thank you. 

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