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If any plan to colonize space is to succeed within the time we have available, we are going to need many more people to contribute their time and effort. That is the reason for this wiki: so people from all over the world can have a central point in which we can communicate and organize ourselves into a workforce that can get the job done. But because most people interested in space colonization do not know that the space colonization wiki exists, it is necessary to start a space advertising campaign.

So, if you are an engineer in the space program; or you are a scientist who wants a different publication medium from the usual channels; or if you are just a normal person from anywhere in the world who would like to make your contribution to the eventual survival of the human race, come to the Space Colonization Wiki and volunteer your services.

To illustrate the point here, Wikipedia states that the total budget for space agencies for the entire world is US$ 35.5 billion in 2008, which is a pitiful amount considering the urgency with which we must colonize local space (from: List of space agencies). With such a limited budget there is only so much work that can be done. What we need is to open source the entire concept and strategy of colonizing space. So get yourself a user name on the Space Colonization Wiki and start writing.

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